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Relieves, revives, restores

Reduce food toxins for fast results

**Requires iPhone 6**


Specially developed to reduce inflammatory conditions like back pain, arthritis, irritable bowel, headache and migraine.


>> Expect to lose 4 - 10 kg excess weight 


>> Relieves inflammation: back pain, neck ache, headaches, migraines, sinusitis, irritable bowel, breathing congestion

>> Rebalances metabolism - settles your internal thermostat to feel warmer/cooler

>> Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients e.g. iron (anaemia) and calcium (osteoporosis)

>> Improves memory, concentration and mood - for a more positive outlook 

>> Heals chronic fatigue, insomnia - with reduced need for medications

>> Strengthens immune system - fewer viral, fungal and bacterial infections

>> Reduces recovery time from illness or surgical procedures


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How can it work so fast?

Food toxins have been damaging your body for decades! That's why reducing them starts the healing process. 

Food toxins include: additives, caseins, saponins, excess sugars, lectins, phytates, salt, glutens, phytoestrogens, alkaloids and others. Too much to follow?

Don't worry - the brilliant foodintol® App shows you everything - plus it tracks your AntiNutrients automatically. Just choose low-ranking foods - it's easy! ... No rules - just options!


What you'll receive:

1). E-books & Journal

    • Planning Tips and Meal Ideas
    • 40 Secrets for a Perfect Figure
    • Meal and Snack Suggestions
    • Daily Meal Planner and Strategy

2). E-course

A new instalment every few days:

    • Easy how-to-use guide, surprising revelations
    • Pitfalls and traps to avoid
    • Insights into why you have been suffering - and how to solve it.

3). Support included: To get you started on the right track, we answer your questions for 30 days. Further help available with Add-on Support.





4). The foodintol® App: AntiNutrients made easy!

Thousands of foods ranked for AntiNutrients! Simple Medal system: Gold, Silver, Bronze make it easy to choose low-toxin foods. And warnings save you from picking the wrong ones!

Made for iPhone 6: Download free for many options. Choose Premium for full options: AUD 11.99/month, ($2.77/week), cancel any time. 

Not available for Android.




Noeline: I am so thankful I found your site. I have felt great since mid April; have more energy, stamina and strength. My breathing is better and I do not get winded. I have lost almost 20 pounds and a couple of waist sizes when the bloat went away.


Yours is the first explanation to the Dermatitis Herpetiformis that I have had for over twenty years. Every doctor I went to said I didn't bathe enough, so I quit asking them.

Lesley: I have done the program and found to my surprise that after 56 years of being constipated (going once a week/fortnight from a young child) to going every day.  It's a miracle AND I have been suffering from insomnia (thought to be hormone related) for 7/8 years and am now sleeping every night like a log. 

I am extremely happy and want to thank you for your help.  My daughter had done the program and suggested I try it.  I am very glad I did.... my life has been turned around.  Thanks - Lesley : )


Dozens of Delicious Easy Recipes 

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