Complete Guide to Gluten-Free

The best, most detailed Gluten-Free Guide on the internet!

Even if you have been Gluten-free for years - this guide will alert you to mistakes you have been making. Many of our clients discover exactly this when they purchase it! So if you still have nagging symptoms - like bloating, headache or unexplained tiredness - despite trying to be Gluten-free - this is the guide for you.

It is the most comprehensive and fully researched Guide to Eating Gluten-Free on the internet. Includes:

  • Food substitution tables
  • Shopping Guide for each section of the supermarket
  • Meals Guide - breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Tips & Traps
  • Dining Out Guide (international cuisines rated for Gluten-friendly meals)
  • Recipes - to get creative in the kitchen!

Absolutely everything you need to know - to stay Gluten-free and well. For best results use with the Detection Diet Journal.

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