Tips For Using the foodintol® Free Testing Journal

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Here are a few good tips:

  • Test only one food intolerance at a time
  • Read all food package labels looking for ingredient lists
  • Write your notes in spaces given
  • Include supplements and medications in your notes
  • Keep the journal as a handy reference

Make notes in the journal about changes in your symptoms - as you switch foods.


Food Intolerance is Common

These are the four main types of food intolerance:

Food Intolerance


Dairy Intolerance (inc. Lactose intolerance)

~ 75%

3 in 4 people

Yeast Sensitivity (Thrush, Candida)

~ 33%

1 in 3 people

Gluten Sensitivity (inc. Celiac & Wheat Intolerance)

~ 15%

1 in 7 people

Fructose Sensitivity or Intolerance

~ 35%

1 in 3 people

Food Allergy

< 1%

1 in 100 people


To narrow the possibilities - look in the Symptoms Matrix.



We want you to be well!