Do You Have Muddled Metabolism?

Saving your thyroid - avoid food toxins



Your thyroid gland is located in the throat - and it is the organ which dictates how your body uses energy from foods.

> This is a vital role because - it is the thyroid which decides whether food is 'burned' as energy - or whether it is 'stored' as fat. 

Unfortunately - when toxins arrive, the thyroid's precious functions are disrupted. Cells may be damaged, biochemical release can be mis-timed or vital reactions can fail.

This creates faulty signals about what the thyroid should do with the energy arising from food eaten. 

Importantly - the damaging impact means the thyroid might send instructions to 'burn' energy too often - (leading to unexplained weight loss) ... or

it may send instructions to 'store' energy as fat too often - leading to gradual weight gain.


But if you choose to avoid food toxins - studies show your thyroid can recover. 

Best of all - your ideal figure can return, naturally. 

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Gluten is just one toxin that could be causing your symptoms. There are more than twenty common FOOD TOXINS – and they act together in different combinations to damage cells and provoke the immune system.

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Member Letters

'I am so excited about my results.  The eczema is healing, I no longer have the chronic pain my doctor finally determined was fibro-myalgia. The prescribed meds made it worse. Today is day 15 and I have already lost 10 pounds, without any hunger.  I am not getting the saggy skin that usually comes with a 10 pound loss either.  I feel better than I have felt in years. Thank you, thank you." Barbara


'I am so thankful I found your site. I have felt great since mid April; have more energy, stamina and strength. My breathing is better and I do not get winded. I have lost almost 20 pounds and a couple of waist sizes when the bloat went away. Yours is the first explanation to the Dermatitis Herpetiformis that I have had for over twenty years. Every doctor I went to said I didn't bathe enough, so I quit asking them. Noeline 


'I have lost at least 6 kilos since starting on this program - received some nice compliments today on that (I wore a "slimming" black dress to emphasise it) - and my doctor and dietician will just about fall off their chairs! Thanks so much." Sue M. (Aust.)




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