How To Do An Elimination Diet

Step-by-step Elimination Diet Journal to Detect Food Intolerance

An Elimination Diet is the most accurate way to test for food intolerance - and it only needs a simple Journal. The method tracks changes in your symptoms as you try different foods.


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How does an Elimination Diet work?

You do an Elimination Diet to find your food intolerance.

If you have had symptoms a long time food intolerance or food allergy can be suspected. By removing one food type at a time and observing changes in your symptoms - you will soon see which foods cause your problems. It's called the Journal Method.

Old Fashioned Elimination Diet vs. New Version Proving Journal

Old version of the Elimination Diet:

People used to cut back most foods to a very restrictive diet for 6 - 8 weeks. Allowed foods were lamb, rice, pears and a few vegetables. The purpose was to clear the body of all suspected foods. In the old days they did it the hard way. Naturally, dining out in restaurants was very difficult with such a regimen. Many people found it tedious and broke the diet. In addition there was the risk of missing out on nutrients. Therefore the dietician or doctor prescribed supplementary vitamins and minerals for the duration.

New Proving Journal Method:

We now know from medical research that there what we used to call 'food intolerance' - is beter described as thew action of FOOD TOXINS. Now we recommend reducing all food toxins in moderation - giving you a huge variety of food choices - and a much better chance of success. It's also much easier to dine out in restaurants.


There are more than twenty food toxins . . . and they act together in various combinations to cause internal damage that makes us sick – and leads to diagnosis of disease.


The Institute’s eighteen years of helping clients has shown - the most effective approach is to move to a LOW-TOXIN DIET.

We have found the best results come with moderation … that is a diet which allows some favourites while greatly reducing the level of toxins in the blood . . . find out more at foodintol® LoTox Living


Difference between an Elimination Diet and the Detection Diet?

The Proving Journal in foodintol® LoTox Living is much easier and safer than the old-fashioned Elimination Diet and is highly effective for bringing relief.

  • WIDE VARIETY OF FOODS: Rather than eating only lamb, rice and peas - you get to eat a wide variety of foods while investigating your food intolerance. LoTox Living is not restrictive because we practice moderation - instead of strictness. 

  • FAST RESULTS: Rather than taking six to eight weeks - you will see results within a week or two. Some people see good changes within days.


Do I have to live without favourite foods on an Elimination Diet?

Maybe one or two - at least for a week or two. But what if those are the ones making you sick?

With the LoTox Proving Journal you get to enjoy a wide variety of great foods while getting well.

Everything you need is in the foodintol® LoTox Living Kit

> You will feel better on a low toxin diet.


Why must I keep a journal on the Elimination Diet?

Keeping a journal puts system into your exploration. You will find it's really handy to have notes about everything.

Without exact records of what you ate, how and when it affected you, it’s easy to get muddled. The purpose-designed Proving Journal takes you through with tips, traps and guidelines on how to record your progress.

What's even better - because you make a record of everything that happens when you eat certain foods - it becomes a valuable reference for the weeks and months ahead - and helps you avoid unnecessary illness and suffering.


What can I expect on the Elimination diet?

Expect answers to your ongoing nagging symptoms and illness. Also - expect to better understand and appreciate your body. This is an exploration!

  • Expect to forget what you ate sometimes, and trust only your Journal to remember it 
  • Expect to start feeling better. Your energy levels will go up as symptoms subside - and expect to discover new and delicious foods.
  • Expect your reactions to offending foods to be more noticeable than before. Years of eating such foods has put long term stress on your body. Removing them from your diet gives your body a welcome break and a chance to recover and heal itself. Reintroducing them will give you a strong signal that your body doesn't want it any more. Your body is talking to you. Don't ignore it.

Expect to feel better and better every day. Expect to be able to do things you haven't done for years: play netball, walk the dog or swim without feeling tired and wrecked afterwards.


How long does it take to do an Elimination Diet?

The old-fashioned version used to take six to eight weeks - but most people did not last that long. . . . they broke the diet - so never saw any benefits.

However - our streamlined version, the Proving Jurnal in LoTox Living takes only 21 Days. But after that it is a habit for life. 

Many years ago Deborah Manners tried the old version Elimination diet. She managed to stick with it for a few weeks and it did find one of her intolerances. But it was very difficult to maintain - so she designed a new streamlined journal - that anybody could use . . .


Can I cheat on the Elimination Diet?

Yes! Of course you can always cheat. But that will spoil your efforts and your results. 


Can I just test a couple of foods I suspect on the Elimination Diet?

No, not really. We recommend you use a method to investigate yoiur response to food toxins.

The Journal Method is proven and accurate.


I am ready for an immediate solution - what's next? 




Begin with our free ebook. Food toxins can cause serious disease.


Gluten is just one thing that could be causing your symptoms.

There are MORE THAN TWENTY FOOD TOXINS – and they act together in different combinations to damage cells and provoke the immune system. 


Our specially developed LOW TOXIN DIET reduces a wide range of food toxins – and is purpose-designed to bring relief from symptoms and ailments.

Learn more with the free ebook on Food Toxins











All foodintol® information is based on research from peer-reviewed medical journals