Deborah Manners: Specialist Food Toxins & Disease

Founder - The Food Intolerance Institute of Australia

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Deborah Manners Bsc(Hons)DipEd has been a writer, producer and presenter since 1985. Now as Director of The Food Intolerance Institute of Australia - foodintol® she combines years of experience in delivering concise messages in different media with extensive knowledge of food intolerance.

Her knowledge of the terrible effects of food intolerance sprang originally from solving her own food issues. When the doctors could not help she turned to the medical research literature.

Then as she was able to help more and more people become well - she became an expert in her own right. Now there are thousands of grateful 'converts'.

Ms Manners is a leading expert and authority on food toxins as a consumer issue. She has authored a series of how-to guides and journals for food intolerant consumers - available as the LoTox Living Kit.

Other books include:

On The Origin Of Disease (2015)

- Stealthy Damage (2020)

- Food Toxins Linked to Heart Disease, Cancer, Obesity and Dementia (2021)


From mathematics, chemistry and physics teacher to TV production and food intolerance expert: corporate training and documentary programs for Cadbury Schweppes, Kraft Foods, and others. Later she was business development manager with global accounting firm Ernst & Young.

In 2002 after many years of research solved her own food issues, Deborah realised there was a major gap in how food intolerance is addressed in Australia, and launched in July 2003. Within eight months the site enjoyed top internet rankings which persist today.



All foodintol® information is based on research from peer-reviewed medical journals