Constant Headaches? Migraine? Why, Why, Why?

Even supermarkets sell headache relief these days - pain-relief tablets are cheap and abundant. So it's an easy 'fix' - and millions are sold every week. But why do we never really know the reason for the pain? ('Stress' is such a lame one).

Here at the Institute - we ask: Why do we need so much headache relief? and why are migraines on the rise?

Our research says food toxins are likely culprits. 

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Prevalence of Headache and Migraine in Children and Adults

The prevalence of headache and migraine applies to both adults and children.

One study in Finland found that seven year-old children starting school are suffering headache and migraine at any increasing rate:

      • Almost 52% of the children had suffered headache in the last 6 months (up from 14% in the previous study)
      • And almost 6% had experienced migraine (up from 2% previously)

In addition - for adult Americans from a 2003 study:

      • 90% of men and 95% of women suffer headache
      • They spend $2 billion annually on over-the-counter headache medications alone
      • More than 45 million Americans suffer from chronic recurring headaches (more than 14 per month)
      • 28 million suffer from migraine headaches - and 70% are women
      • More than 20% of all young people (15 - 25) in the US experience chronic headaches

Headaches arise from inflammation of the delicate membranes surrounding the brain. And there is always a reason for inflammation.

Food Intolerance and Inflammation

Food intolerance is the "inability to fully digest a food" - certain proteins and sugars for instance. When you cannot fully digest - say proteins in grains or dairy foods - these partially broken food substances get into your bloodstream - where they should not be.

Unfortunately your immune system doesn't recognise as 'friendly' - and that sets up inflammation - in different parts of the body.

    • Inflammation in the joints causes stiff joints e.g. back ache, arthritis
    • Inflammation in nasal passages causes sinus pain and associated headache
    • Inflammation at the skin leads to eczema and psoriasis
    • Inflammation in the brain tissues causes headache and migraine

But when you discover the foods which are causing the inflammation - and switch them for other great foods - you have a brilliant natural cure for your headaches. Within a few days of eating right foods for you - the inflammation has abated and the headaches have gone too - and they don't come back.


Learn more with the Free ebook about Food Toxins


Heal Symptoms By Reducing Food Toxins

 . . . with a LOW TOXIN diet 

Find out why you have been suffering - and take control of your life. 

  • Stop suffering: symptoms subside within days
  • Never have those symptoms again - a permanent solution
  • Achieve weight changes - naturally and without effort
  • Notice better skin, hair and nails: look good and feel great
  • Protect your health for the long term - peace of mind


Member Letters

'Dear Deborah, My neurological issues have reduced significantly!  This is great, since it was the category that was giving me the most grief.  I have had two to four migraines with aura per month for the last two years.  I have now gone 31 straight days without one!  That's huge! . . . My skin issues have diminished significantly. My musculo-skeletal symptoms have decreased to almost nothing. Thanks, Bob Sawitski

"Yes you can use my letter. I have been on the diet for only 1 week and I feel like a new person, I feel SOOOO great. I have not felt this good in over two years. I was suffering from chronic headaches that would require medication to subside but the medication would put me to sleep so I was completely useless the whole day. I have been headache free for almost a week without taking any pills. I was also on a medication for GERD and IBS, which have both subsided!!!

It’s amazing, I forgot how good I could feel without taking pills, I feel normal again. Thank you so much!!!!"  Heather


'I am following the diet and am feeling MUCH better. The headaches, loose stools, stomach cramping, abdominal pain, gas, sinus congestion and  headache have subsided. The sugar cravings, and fuzzy head are gone too.  In any case, I am still keeping up the food journal, which has proven to be invaluable. Thanks, Pam  

PAM (Four years later): Sure you can use the letter! It’s amazing to me that its been over 4 years now. I eat more organic foods, and learned to be a better cook. I even considered a career shift to diet and nutrition – that’s how much of a profound effect this journey has had on my life.

Thanks so much for the great info. I could not have gotten better without your help! Pamela'


I took your advice and the results have been fantastic. My headaches have reduced drastically as well as the regular wheeziness.

The biggest difference has been with the minor migrains i used to get after exercise...the hotter i got and the harder i worked out...especially running.....i would always end up with a massive headache that would last the rest of the day.

My husband and i love competing in triathlons, so in order for me to survive these headaches, i would take nurofen before a race (or workout) and then straight after....often i would still get the headache but sometimes not as bad. Now we have investigated a number of areas including my salt levels, neck and muscular problems and water intake, but nothing has solved the problem. It was getting to the point where i was scared to work out too hard (especially in summer) for fear of what i'd live with for the rest of the day......and with children...that's not good! 

Since being free of those foods i have been able to train hard and not have the has been AMAZING....i thought it was something i would just have to live thanks a million!!!! Erica                                          



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