Have A Healthy Pregnancy - and A Beautiful Baby

A healthy pregnancy is a most exciting experience with the best prize in the world.

But have you ever had a miscarriage or difficulties conceiving? Did you know it could have been from food toxins? It really makes sense to consider moving to a LOW TOXIN DIET before trying for a baby. 

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Susanna's Story: Clinical Testing may not be reliable

Few people understand that you can have food intolerance without any symptoms at all. And even fewer people realise that untreated food intolerance can cause infertility and miscarriage. If you - or anyone in your family - or your partner's family has ever had a miscarriage then you really must both check yourselves for food intolerance - before trying for another pregnancy.

Clinical testing like blood tests, biopsies and other tests do not reliably detect food intolerances.

Read how doctors missed this patient's food intolerance - and how she miscarried twice in one year: The Case of Susanna Lohiniemi


How Does Untreated Food Intolerance Cause Miscarriage and Infertility?

Food intolerance is ... 'the inability to fully digest some foods'. So it causes partially digested proteins (say from gluten, nightshades, casein in milk and yeasts) to get into your bloodstream. These are not recognised as 'friendly' by your immune system. The immediate response is to set up inflammation in your body:

  • Inflammation at the joints causes stiffness and arthritis
  • Inflammation in the lungs or nasal passages causes respiratory congestion, asthma and chronic cough
  • Inflammation in the membranes of the brain causes headache and migraine
  • Inflammation at the skin can cause hives, eczema and psoriasis . . .

 . . . and inflammation at various organs disrupts the vital processes these organs deliver:

  • Disruption at the pancreas leads to diabetes
  • Disruption at the thyroid leads to metabolism issues and weight fluctuations
  • Disruption at the ovaries or testicles impairs their ability to function

When there are 'foreign' things in your bloodstream - because you have eaten a food you cannot fully digest - all kinds of mischief happens in the body. Fortunately it all heals once the troublesome foods are removed from the diet. The secret is to identify those problem foods accurately - so you can avoid them.


Heal Your Body Before Pregnancy:

Discover Your Food Intolerance

Choosing the right foods for your genetic background, your health history and your fitness levels is vital if you are trying for a baby.

The secret is to achieve complete digestion - not partial digestion - which can damage the gut. 'Modern foods' like grains, sugars, nightshades, corn and dairy foods ... can interfere with bodily processes even conception. Don't put off discovering your food intolerance - be at your best for your pregnancy.

The good news: A damaged gut heals quickly once you substitute High Toxin foods with a LOW TOXIN DIET.

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It Applies To Men And Women Alike

Surprisingly this applies to men as well, especially if there has ever been infertility or miscarriage in either of the families. Even if you have never had a miscarriage, this applies to any couple who want to have a baby one day. Don't take unnecessary risks with your baby's life. It's so much better to find out if you have Gluten intolerance before becoming pregnant, isn't it?


My Personal Experience With Miscarriage

Gluten: known In medical circles - but not routinely applied



The fact that Gluten can cause miscarriage and/or infertility is well known in medical circles.

But for some reason, even after a woman has miscarried, this is not routinely checked! And because I had two tragic miscarriages before discovering my intolerance, I urge all women to investigate and get PROOF of food intolerance before considering pregnancy.

Blood tests for food sensitivity are notoriously unreliable - and if I had my time again I would take no risks with my pregnancy. The great thing is - it's so simple to prevent this risk and get proof without drugs or tests.

Even if you have no symptoms, all you need is a purpose-designed journal and a food selection guide. That's one reason I developed foodintol® LoTox . . . the LoTox Trial program simplifies everything for you. 


(By the way I did eventually have two beautiful healthy babies! James and Stephanie, now adults with their own healthy children are the pride of my life! - Deborah)



The Case of Susanna Lohiniemi - Published in The Lancet

Even with attentive medical care - and a history of miscarriage - Susanna Lohiniemi's Gluten intolerance went undiagnosed for more than a decade. 

Her symptoms were flu-like (headache, muscular aches), she was always exhausted, had mild iron deficiency, irregular menstruation, slight hair loss, flatulence and nausea. And for ten years her doctors did not suspect Gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease.

This was despite her mother being treated successfully for dermatitis herpetiformis (yet another form of Gluten intolerance) by having a Gluten-free diet.

Susanna's results for the usual Celiac blood tests were negative so doctors thought it unlikely. Tragically they did not further investigate Gluten intolerance despite her mother's condition. 

Susanna's account goes on:

'For a patient with Celiac Disease to be slightly overweight and in good physical condition wasn't typical, they said. I miscarried twice in one year.'  . . . .'It happens' they said.

Susanna was eventually diagnosed by a temporary locum doctor who became curious and reviewed her file. She moved to a gluten free diet. She was lucky. There are thousands of unnecessary cases of miscarriage and infertility due to food toxins.  They usually stop searching for answers at intestinal biopsy and blood tests . . . unfortunately.

Susanna's new diet brought quick relief (a few weeks) and a whole new life: she was no longer tired and the headaches disappeared.  She went on to have two beautiful healthy babies via uncomplicated and successful pregnancies. Reference: Lancet Volume 358, Suppl. 1



All foodintol® information is based on research from peer-reviewed medical journals