Sinus Pain and Sinus Headache

How to Breathe Better

Pounding headache, sinus pain - an allergic response

From recent research we now know that sinus pain is an allergic reaction which can be caused by certain foods. Sinus pain (sinusitis) often occurs with pounding headache. But did you know it's a low-key allergic reaction (immune response) of your body?

Don't be confused by Sinus Pain 'Triggers'

While your sinuses can be irritated by smells or pollens, it's your background reaction to certain food proteins that sets you up to be irritated . . . like you're constantly on 'low-alert'. Your body is already primed to get irritated and the slightest thing can set you off.

You may even think your sinus attacks are caused by weather changes, or perfumes or pollution (and yes, they can make your reaction worse).

But the research says the underlying cause is much more likely to be from particular food proteins . . . and finding out which one - allows you to achieve immediate and lasting relief.

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How A Damaged Gut Leads to Sinus Pain - via Inflammation

Sinus pain is often caused by the inability to fully digest certain 'modern' foods (food intolerance). Half broken down proteins actually damage the gut lining making it 'leaky' - so foreign particles get into the blood stream where they should not be. The body's natural response is an immune reaction - just like a mild allergic response deep inside - where the effects are not immediately noticeable. It is the beginning of chronic inflammation and a series of 'alert' warnings to all systems.

The food culprits include gluten (from grass grains like wheat and barley), corn, yeasts and casein from milk. We also know the lectins in Nightshade vegetables can cause Leaky Gut. Any one of these could be causing your sinus pain.

Well-established scientific research* has repeatedly made the connection between respiratory disease and certain food proteins.  And your sinus symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg. In fact they are an excellent warning sign that you have food intolerance!

'First off, let me tell you that I love your program! ... I never knew I had a food intolerance and now I know for sure. . . my headaches have stopped . . . and  I can breathe for the first time ever in my life so THANK YOU!' Angie M.

'My life till now has been constant sinus pain and headache, blocked nose and anti-biotics for sinus infections. Then I did your Healing Program. Now, unbelievably I'm free of it. I started the Healing Program to investigate my stomach bloating - but have been free of sinus headache (and all the pain killers I had to take) for more than two months. The relief is huge - like a big lead weight has been lifted off. I can think straight again and my writing has even improved. Unbelievable!" Judy C., USA, writer.



Most Common Culprits of Sinus Pain

According to the medical journal research - the most likely food intolerances leading to sinusitis are those which cause Leaky Gut syndrome:

  • Dairy intolerance (via casein protein)
  • Gluten intolerance (gluten protein)
  • Yeast Sensitivity (yeast proteins)
  • Corn allergy (zein protein)
  • Nightshade sensitivity (lectins)

How do you get relief? Here at the Institute we specialise in identification of food intolerances. Just find out which one of these is your problem food and switch it for another food. Simple as that.

Any food which is giving you a constant (chronic) symptom - is also causing damage in your gut - every day and every week. Why ask for trouble later in life?

Why not find out the cause now - and move ahead with your life! Even if you have more than one intolerance - the foodintol® Healing Program is guaranteed to find all of them. More >




*Food intolerance and Respiratory Disorders



All foodintol® information is based on research from peer-reviewed medical journals