Suddenly Food Intolerant? ... Letter

What 'triggers' food intolerance?

Many people in their twenties or thirties find that symptoms appear 'out of the blue'. But the truth is - your body has been struggling with these FOOD TOXINS for most of your life.


Member letter

I am in shock. For three weeks I have been running to the bathroom with stomach cramps and diarrhoea. Sometimes the urge is so sudden I'm afraid of having an accident.

I really need to know what it is. My doctor says it's not a stomach infection - I have just finished a course of anti-biotics. And I cannot blame the Indian food; that was 10 days ago. At first I thought it was that fruit juice from the new juice bar, but I haven't had any for a week and I'm still getting the stomach cramps.

Now I think - maybe my friend Libby is right. Maybe it is lactose intolerance. I have my capuccino and tub of yogurt mid-morning but I'm hopeless in the afternoon. What I do NOT understand is how can I suddenly be intolerant after all these years? Fiona S.


'Life events' can be triggers

Hi Fiona - most cases of severe food sensitivity (food allergy) are noticed in early childhood - by parents.

But milder food intolerance can go unnoticed until age 30, 40, 50 or later. And the sudden appearance of symptoms is usually triggered by a stressful 'life event' like:

      • Starting a new job - or losing your job
      • Divorce or relationship break-up
      • Giving birth
      • Surgical operation
      • A death in the family
      • Moving house
      • Taking a long course of anti-biotics

But did you know that FOOD TOXINS put constant stress on your body - even if you don't notice symptoms?

When we were young - we ate the wrong foods, drank alcohol, popped medications and generally didn't notice many ill effects.

But as we grow older our bodies are less able to cope with stresses (it is less tolerant): life events, or the physical stress of eating the wrong foods.

At some point, your body just stops tolerating your bad habits and gives you a symptom (headache, bloating, Irritable Bowel etc.) to get your attention.


Symptoms are Precious Signals

The fact is, if you have symptoms - they are actually signals. Don't ignore these valuable signs. Your body is trying to send you a message.... Of course - you should see your doctor to rule out serious illness . . . But then investigate food toxins in your diet. 

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