The Back Pain Issue

Studies now implicate food toxins in commonly suffered back pain*. So back pain really can arise from eating the wrong things. 

However this is a fantastic opportunity to heal - without medications or surgery. . . simply 'substiute a few foods' - and your back pain could start fading within  a few days.

 * May not apply to injury-induced back pain.

Back pain2


Back pain costs the Australian economy $9.17 billion

'Lower back pain in Australian adults represents a massive health problem with a significant economic burden. This burden is so great that it has compelling and urgent ramifications for health policy, planning and research."

Walker et al.Asia Pac J Public Health. 2003;15(2):79-87


While doctors still prescribe pain relief, anti-inflammatories and even spinal surgery - true healing still eludes them.

Here at the Institute we tackle disease another way - examining the research results through a different lens.

>> New findings say food toxins cause slow continuous poisoning . . . which are now implicated as the root cause in many inflammatory conditions.


Results: Inflammation of neural membranes (headache, migraine), Organ malfunction (pancreatic, kidney disorders), plaque deposits (blocked arteries), respiratory congestion, malabsorption (anaemia, ostoeporosis), and of course, joint pain including back pain.

We understand the potent effects of food toxins - and constantly strive to alert consumers.




#1. Poor Posture

An easy one – and one we all know about. Sit up straight and put your shoulders back. Exercise also helps.


#2. A Weak Back - Lack of Exercise

No need to jog . . . a brisk walk for 20 – 30 minutes twice a week. Or better still – take up yoga to strengthen your back.


#3. Food Toxins

LISTEN UP! Even if you exercise and have good posture - food toxins can still give you back pain: because they promote inflammation.

We now know these food toxins settle in the most frequently worked joints. We humans stand upright – so a whole lot of pressure falls on the vertebrae of the lower back.

These are the hardest working joints in our body. And that’s where food toxins gather – breeding inflammation, excess fluid, swelling and slow onset chronic pain. OWW! 


How do food toxins get in?

Despite your best efforts to follow all the traditional rules for ‘a healthy balanced diet’ - you are probably eating FOOD TOXINS at every meal. 

It doesn’t help when food manufacturers keep pushing their products on us using outdated cliches like ‘because it contains …’ without telling us What It Also Contains (food toxins) - likely to cause back pain, irritable bowel, headaches and other illnesses.

Currently there are no warnings on those food packs – but perhaps in the future?



What is my next step?

Begin with our free ebook. Food toxins can cause serious long-term health problems.

Gluten is just one toxin that could be causing your symptoms. There are more than twenty common FOOD TOXINS – and they act together in different combinations to damage cells and provoke the immune system. Learn about a low toxin diet at foodintol® LoTox