What Causes Hives on my Skin?

The appearance of hives is often an allergic response to food toxins

Hives is usually a sudden onset reaction - frequently after eating certain foods. Such food sensitivity is when your immune system reacts badly to certain proteins - and it triggers inflammation anywhere in the body. If it happens at the dermis - the result is itchy skin and rashes - either as eczema or psoriasis or in some cases - hives.


How common are hives?

There are many international statistics about hives - also known as urticaria – and most indicate it is an extremely common condition:

  • Around 40 million Americans suffer from hives at any one time

Hives are the result of an immune response in the body - usually to the presence of an 'unrecognised protein' - a food toxin.

Hives are characterised by repeated eruptions of itchy red wheals on the skin. Episodes of hives can last six weeks or longer. Each red patch may only last twenty four hours. But each fading wheal is quickly replaced by new eruptions while ever the immune response continues to happen.

To heal your hives you must identify and remove the source of the immune repsonse - the 'foreign' entities roaming throughout the blood. We recommend you go to the source of the problem. 

Scientists have found changes in the diet to reduce the food toxins can bring quick relief from the itching condition. 

What are the causes of hives?

Hives are commonly caused by anything that your body finds 'foreign'. This includes some foods - especially those which contain food toxins.

If you have food intolerance but don't realise - eventually other symptoms will appear. That's why it's best to investigate now. Up to three in four people have some type of food sensitivity.

The easiest and safest way to achieve relief is to use a Journal to track changes in your symptoms as you switch a few foods. 

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How does food intolerance cause hives?

Food intolerance allos partially digested proteins (say from gluten, casein in milk and yeasts) to get into your bloodstream. These are actually FOOD TOXINS - and as such - are not recognised as 'friendly' by your immune system. The immediate response is to set up inflammation in your body:

  • Inflammation at the joints causes stiffness and Arthritis
  • Inflammation in the lungs or nasal passages: respiratory congestion, Asthma and cough
  • Inflammation at the skin can cause Hives, Eczema and Psoriasis

This is how food intolerance can lead to hives! How to stop the inflammation and cure your hives?  . . . Reduce the concentration of food toxins in your body by moving to a LOW TOXIN DIET.


What is the treatment for hives?

Temporary relief: You can use daily medications or supplements from the pharmacy for a few hours relief - but you will need to keep using them for life. Many doctors have taken a new approach and realise it could be a food sensitivity causing the outbreaks. However - food intolerance is still not taught extensively in medical schools.

Permanent relief treatment: Remove the actual cause of your hives (avoid high toxin foods and substitute for other delicious choices. These days there are so many great food options - it's easy to avoid the problem ones.

The Power of a Journal to find Your Food Intolerance

A journal puts system into your exploration. It's easy. All you do is track your symptoms as you switch a few foods. We recommend the purpose-designed Proving Journal ... 

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What if I do nothing about my hives?

You can choose to do nothing of course. But the source of the hives - your continual consusmption of food toxins - will continue to impact your body and your health. First it leads to chronic symptoms (those you suffer every day of your life). But later they can develop into chronic disease.

We don't want that to happen - so we provide lots of free information so you can make informed decisions. 

In reality - hives are actually a valuable warning sign - like a Red Flag - that you will develop further symptoms later in life. It gives you a great opportunity to investigate before a more serious illness appears.


What is my next step?

Begin with our free ebook. Food toxins can cause serious long-term health problems. Gluten is just one toxin that could be causing your symptoms. There are more than twenty common FOOD TOXINS – and they act together in different combinations to damage cells and provoke the immune system.

Free ebook about Food Toxins




Food intolerance and Skin Disorders



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