Diabetes and Modern Foods (Food Toxins)

Can we afford this looming epidemic?

By 2030 - in just nine years' time - it is estimated there will be 587 million people with diabetes*.


Is medicine failing at diabetes?

With hundreds of millions affected - is medicine losing the battle with diabetes?

Surely there is a way to discover its cause?

New findings in the medical literature now implicate FOOD TOXINS. When food toxins interfere at the pancreas - precious processes are disrupted - just a little, every day.

But when this happens over and over for years - the damage becomes irreparable. The results can be pancreatic disease, like cancer or diabetes. 

The medical literature reveals dozens of studies and published papers on the detrimental effect food toxins have on the human intestine leading to colitis, diabetes, bowel cancers and others.



How do food toxins cause damage?

The trouble begins when the lining of the small intestine gets damaged: tiny holes are torn in the tissue - leading to a medical condition known as Leaky Gut syndrome. When this part of your intestine is damaged - all kinds of things can get into your blood stream easily - and from there to anywhere in your body.


Preventing and stopping diabetes progression

While we may not be able to heal precious beta-cells in the pancreas - the evidence is that pre-diabetics can arrest the progress of disease by adjusting their diet to reduce food toxins.

Of course it is also a great way to prevent diabetes.

So with hundreds of millions affected by life-long incurable diabetes - shouldn't we be paying more attention to the foods we eat?

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All foodintol® information is based on research from peer-reviewed medical journals